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Organic Makeup & Cosmetics in Lewisham, London

Find your perfect colour at ZitaMilano Beauty. I offer a huge range of products for all
skin types, including Asian and African complexions. Combine my makeup with my natural skincare line for greater health and beauty.

Any Skin Type

Whatever your skin type, I have your colour. ZitaMilano Beauty specialises in foundation for
all skin shades. My cream foundation is designed to be applied over a primer and used as a setting for makeup. I also have:

Powdered Foundation • Concealer • Oil Control Powder • Liquid Foundation • Loose Powder • Primer

Organic Ingredients

Stop damaging your skin with the harsh chemicals in cosmetics. My foundations are made from natural, organic ingredients that keep your skin healthy,
stop pores from increasing, and controls oils. Mineral-based or natural makeup is good for the body and should be worn by anyone who has had treatment.

Lip Gloss & Lip Primer

Make a great impression with beautiful, moist lips. My lip gloss comes in a range of different shades, and moisturises your lips using natural ingredients. I also have a lip primer, which acts as a base for lipstick, just like foundation does for makeup. This long-lasting primer has a matte finish and should be applied just before applying lipstick.


Choose an organic eyeliner with a lovely, natural look. I offer both waterproof and non-waterproof eyeliner, available in both pencil and liquid form, as well as high-quality mascara. Gel liner is also available, which keeps your mascara on longer. 

Makeup Brushes

Your application tools can be just as important as the quality of your makeup. I offer a variety of different makeup brushes, including a special blending brush that's ideal for creating smoky eyes. My brushes are available in a set that comes with everything you need, including:

Eye Shadow Brush • Powder/Foundation Brush • Eyeliner Brush • Lip Brush • Blending Brush